Pro 4K Wireless Broadcast System

Pro 4K Wireless Broadcast System

Model:7800 TX / 7800 RX

No Wires, No Worries, Join us to Enjoy Stunning 4K Content Now.

      Pro 4K Wireless Broadcast System 7800 is a cutting-edge solution for wireless display and video distribution across multiple rooms. It delivers 4K@60 video from one device to another with no lag, even if they are in dierent rooms. It supports up to 4 receivers at the same time. The product can send video from any device with a HDMI output to another display.

      With this product, you can enjoy the 4K60 video anytime and anywhere at various application. You can watch your favorite movies, shows, games, or presentations on any screen or projector in your facility, without worrying about cables, compatibility, or latency. You can easily share your screen and have a fun and interactive experience with KVM function. Pro 4K Wireless Broadcast System 7800 is the ultimate solution for wireless entertainment and interactive communication at for your dierent application scenarios.

  • Stunning 4K60 resolution on any device with crystal-clear quality and vivid colors.
  • Seamless and smooth video playback with the Private vPlay Seamless Technology.
  • Real-time interaction and remote control via IR extended function.
  • Easy connection and sharing of multiple devices with the USB KVM function.
  • Touch panel back control function for more flexibility and convenience.
  • Reliable 802.11ac 2T2R WiFi MIMO module and the high-security protection to transmission up to 200m
  • Support one-to-many transmission and expand your reach and impact with your content.