Rack Mount CATV Amplifier

Rack Mount CATV Amplifier


GCA-30RK / 550 (W/ 550MHz)

GCA-30RK / 860 (W/ 860MHz)

GCA-30RK / 1000 (W/1000MHz)



The GCA-30RK1000, GCA-30RK860 are high push-pull amplifiers producing signals with extremely low distortion and harmonic content. The design is capable of 158CH/129CH channel operation over the 54-1000MHz/54-860MHz range. The rack-mounted amplifiers make excellent headend launch amplifiers and are frequently used in conjunction with the GPC-12G/1000 headend combiner. The rack mount amps are also useful for amplifying the cable input prior to the CEF channel elimination filter.

  • Wide 54-1000MHz/54-860MHz frequency range.
  • 30 dB gain.
  • Adjustable slope control.
  • Adjustable gain control.
  • Input and output test points.
  • Designed for CATV apartment distribution systems.
  • Available in wall mount or rack mount.
  • Double shielded RFI enclosure.