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Letter of Compliance with Corporate Social Responsibility

Good Mind Industries Complies commits to and implements the following policy statement items:

  1. Freely Chosen Employment - Forced, bonded (including debt bondage) or indentured labor, involuntary prison labor, slavery or trafficking of persons shall not be used. Employers and agents may not hold or otherwise destroy, conceal, confiscate or deny access by employees to employees’ identity or immigration documents, such as government-issued identification, passports or work permits, unless the holding of work permits is required by law.
  2. No Child Labor - Establish child labor scrutiny and misuse child labor protections.
  3. Appropriate Working Hours - Comply with applicable laws, industry standards and customer code of conduct requirements regarding working hours.
  4. Reasonable remuneration - The remuneration given to employees meets the basic requirements of the regulations (excluding any overtime pay and other subsidies), and the working hours meet the requirements.
  5. Humane Treatment - Punishment, forced, involuntary labor is strictly prohibited, and disciplinary management measures are prohibited.
  6. Non-discrimination - no discrimination based on race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, race or ethnicity, disability, pregnancy, creed, political affiliation, Group affiliation, veteran status, protected genetic information, marital status, or filing a grievance...etc.
  7. Freedom of Association - Respect employees' rights to associate freely, join trade unions and bargain collectively.
  8. Health and Safety - Committed to providing employees with a healthy and safe working environment and reducing hazards at work.
  9. Occupational risk control - Provide employees with appropriate safety training and protective equipment, assess the risk of work hazards in the company, and establish an emergency response plans to deal with disasters.
  10. Resource saving - follow environmental regulations, save resources, set up management methods and publicity training, achieve the purpose of energy saving and carbon reduction, and reduce the risk of safety hazards and environmental impact.
  11. Integrity management - All personnel shall not use any illegal or unethical methods to gain competitive advantage and improper advantage.
  12. No illegitimate interests - Do not accept bribes through their positions, make profits by means contrary to business ethics and cause conflicts of interest.
  13. Information Disclosure, Intellectual Property Rights and Privacy - Disclose business information in accordance with industry practices to protect intellectual property and the privacy of stakeholders.
  14. Appropriate advertising and fair trade - adopt the principles of fair trade and advertising competition, and shall not gain profits or harm any third party through joint monopoly and collusion.
  15. Management System - Commitment to establish, maintain and improve the company's social responsibility management system, and allow employees to fully train and learn to understand social responsibility requirements.
  16. Goal management and continuous improvement - Set goals to improve the effectiveness of the social responsibility management system, and continue to improve it.
  17. Decentralization - Designate senior management to periodically review the company's policies, measures and the results of their implementation in accordance with the requirements of this standard and other regulations signed by the company.
  18. Regulatory compliance and risk management - Regularly review regulations and confirm compliance, regularly conduct risk management activities, and effectively reduce risk events.
  19. Internal Audit - Regularly review and review the adequacy, applicability and continued effectiveness of the management system, and make corrections and improvements as necessary.
  20. Communication, Suggestion, Participation and Feedback - Commitment to disclose our company's social responsibility status and improvement plan to all employees, customers, cooperative suppliers and other relevant parties through the company's website, bulletin boards, publicity materials, customer site visits, etc. subject to public scrutiny or advice.
  21. Supplier Management - Controlling suppliers/subcontractors in accordance with social responsibility standards and relevant customer code of conduct.